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Dr Selva Kumar Al Sivapuniam
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The Clinical Research Centre Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan Kuantan (CRC HTAA) Pahang has been operational since November 2003 as part of the Network of Clinical Research Centres of the Ministry of Health (MOH). The objectives for the setting up of CRC HTAA include: to cultivate a research culture among clinicians, compilation of information regarding all clinical research activities carried out in HTAA, and provide assistance to researchers. In the long term, CRC HTAA aims to ensure excellence and quality of clinical trails and establishing a centre of excellence in specific clinical areas. Among services to researchers include providing guidelines on application to conduct drug related clinical trials, procedures for getting grants, coordination with other departments and role as Contract Research Organization (CRO).


To be a leading regional clinical research organization in the east coast of Malaysia


To improve patient’s outcomes through quality and ethical clinical research


Clinical Research Centre Pahang will provide services for clinicians,health managers,paramedics and those who are interested in research where the centre will support them to plan and conduct their clinical research.

Services that are available:-

  1. Provide guidelines for application to conduct drug related clinical trial in Malaysia.
  2. Procedures for getting grant.
  3. Coordinate with other department.
  4. Role as contract research organization.

Types of Clinical Research Undertaken by CRC:-

* Clinical trials
* Health outcomes research
* Clinical economics research
* Clinical epidemiological research

Supporting services provided to hospital staff:-

* Research consultation
    –| Data entry, analysis
    –| Methodology
    –| Protocol writing, writing abstract
    –| Poster presentation

* NMRR registration
* NMRR talk/briefing
* Supervisory for midwifery student





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